Best Shopping in Oaxaca for Unique Artisan Products

Best Shopping in Oaxaca for Unique Artisan Products

Often called the artisan capital of Mexico, Oaxaca is deeply rooted in ancient tradition, where skilled craftspeople harness age-old techniques to create items like textiles and ceramics with intricate details.

We have a bit of a shopping obsession when it comes to artisanal products, and after visiting Oaxaca, we can easily say that it ties first with Marrakech for such items.

What impressed us was the sheer diversity of handcrafted items available, with each store offering a unique curation, rather than a cookie-cutter one.

We cover the best shopping in Oaxaca with a list of contemporary pottery shops, clothing stores, markets and unique boutiques. These 18 artisan boutiques and street markets were our favourite places we shopped in Oaxaca City.

Our Oaxaca shopping guide also includes a curated list of authentic products we recommend buying to take home.

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Overview: Best Shopping in Oaxaca

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Best Shopping in Oaxaca

Oaxaca pottery shops

1. Cooperativa 1050º: best for Oaxacan clay dinnerware

If you're looking to refresh your table setting at home, Cooperativa 1050º is the place to go. The cooperative of local artisans is known for its sleek ceramic pottery. They blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs, offering pieces in various clay colours, like red, black, light brown and dark brown.

2. Morocho Oaxaca: best for contemporary black clay pottery

Morocho Oaxaca specializes in contemporary black clay pottery for the home. It's nestled in the tranquil neighbourhood of Xochimilco, known for its vibrant street art. It's a nice area to take a leisurely stroll.

✔️ Top Tip: Morocho Oaxaca is just a 3 minute walk away from Chepiche Cafe, a tropical oasis where you can enjoy a refreshing drink or bite to eat.

3. Piedra de Río Tiendita de Barro: best for a unique selection of vases

If you're looking for vases by made by artisans with unique designs, you'll find an extensive collection at Pedra de Rio Tiendita de Barro. It's the best selection of vases we've seen in both Oaxaca and Mexico City.

4. Huehuecoyotl Art: best for ceramic cups

Huehuecoyotl Art offers a nice selection of clay cups and pitchers. It's a great place to pick up mezcal drinking glasses. We love the black cups with a spiky design.

Oaxaca clothing stores

5. Origen Textile: best for contemporary clothing with natural dyes

Visit Origen Textile for sustainably handmade clothing dyed with natural colours. Their pieces have a contemporary fit. I bought a pink and cream shirt with buttons made from coconuts.

6. Juana La Vintage: best for vintage clothing

Juana La Vintage is a colourful shop with friendly service and a few rooms of well-curated vintage clothing. Their walls are also covered with fun art.

Oaxaca markets and streets with artisans

7. Pzla del Carmen Alto: best street for handcrafted jewelry

We were excited to come across this unassuming street lined with artisan vendor stalls. I bought some earrings and Ari bought a ring and two bracelets. There were also vendors selling textiles and other handcrafted items for great prices.

8. Bazar Alcalá 100: best market for trendy finds

Bazar Alcalá 100 is an evening bazaar offering an array of trendy items. We found that the vendors here were younger than at other markets. I picked up a chic pearl bracelet.

✔️ Top Tip: Although most places we visited take credit cards, you can typically save 5% on your purchases by paying with cash.

9. C. Macedonio Alcala Street: best street for night vendors

C. Macedonio Alcala is a pedestrian street that comes alive at night with vendors displaying their items directly on the street and crowds of people enjoying an evening out. See the 16th-century church, Templo de Santo Domingo, light up at night and walk south to find plenty of vendors.

10. Mercado Benito Juarez: best for everyday things

Mercado Benito Juarez is a lively indoor marketplace with a wide selection of traditional foods, handicrafts and everyday items. If you're looking for a duffel bag, bubble wrap, or plastic bags to wrap your goodies to take home, this is the place to go.

Other Oaxaca boutiques

Xaquixe Showroom

11. Xaquixe Showroom: best for handblown glassware

For handblown glassware made sustainably from recycled glass, check out Xaquixe Showroom. They have a variety of drinking glasses in different sizes and colours. They are so cute for entertaining.

Artesanias La Casa del Rebozo

12. Artesanias La Casa del Rebozo: best artisan cooperative to assess prices

Artesanias La Casa del Rebozo is a must-visit spot, especially if you're new to shopping in Oaxaca. The cooperative formed by 84 talented artisans is a great place to go first to establish a benchmark for prices.

We were in search of a hammock and found it the cheapest here without compromising on quality.

LIA Cafe

13. LIA Cafe: best for stylish artisan products

Lia Cafe is both a cafe and boutique store and their selection of handcrafted items were some of the most impressive we saw in the city. Prices are higher here than some other boutiques, but the curation is exceptional and the products are made by talented artisans.

You'll find a variety of items like ceramics, clothing, jewelry, wood products and textiles sold here. We bought a gorgeous black clay fruit bowl.


14. TRASTIENDA: best for high-end artisan items

TRASTIENDA is similar to LIA Cafe in that it carries an excellent variety of high-end artisan products for the home.

As it's located in one of the nicest historic buildings in Oaxaca, things are priced at a premium here. If you see something you like, we recommend shopping around first in case you find something similar for a better price.

Xanté Arte y Diseño

15. Xanté Arte y Diseño: best for art inspired by indigenous stories

Located on the prettiest street we saw in Oaxaca, Xanté Arte y Diseño is an art gallery and shop offering prints and textile art. We were drawn to the indigenous stories woven into the artworks and bought a beautiful textile piece called "The Cosmic Serpent."

Food & drink specialty shops

In Situ Bodega

16. In Situ: best for buying premium mezcal to bring home

In Situ is a must-visit for any mezcal enthusiast. It has one of the finest collections of premium mezcals and is owned by Ulises Torrentera, a renowned author and mezcal expert. Pull up a seat and have a tasting of their mezcals before choosing your favourite to bring home. We stumbled upon a rare find, a mezcal fermented in cowhide.

They have two locations: Mezcaleria In Situ and In Situ Bodega, which is smaller.

17. 7 Origenes: best for a variety of mezcal brands to buy from

If you want to choose from a variety of mezcal brands, look for the shop with a huge wall of mezcal in Mercado Benito Juarez. It's called 7 Origenes. This was the place our local guide took us on our food tour.

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18. Rito Chocolatería & Tienda: best for buying 100% cacao

Rito Chocolatería & Tienda, owned by a third-generation chocolatier, is a great spot to purchase 100% cacao to bring back home. The chocolateria commits to preserving Oaxacan chocolate-making traditions and offers high-quality products sourced from local producers.

✔️ Top Tip: get one of their chocolate drinks iced to go - it's refreshing and delicious!

What to buy in Oaxaca

Molinillo whisks for mixing chocolate drinks

These are some unique handcrafted items we recommend looking out for to buy on your trip to Oaxaca:

  • Oaxacan dinnerware - choose from black, brown or red clay

  • Small drinking cups for mezcal

  • Textiles - coasters, decorative pillow shams, dish towels, makeup bags (they make great gifts!)

  • Handblown water glasses in your favourite colour

  • Decorative clay vase or bowl

  • Handwoven hammock

  • Handcrafted jewelry from street markets (men's and women's)

  • Clothing made with natural dyes

  • Handmade taper and pillar candles

  • Straw tote bags

  • Molinillo whisk - for mixing chocolate drinks

  • Bag of 100% cacao

  • Mezcal made from your favourite wild agave

  • Sal de gusano (worm salt) - used as a condiment for mezcal and salsas

Enjoy shopping in Oaxaca!

Bonus: our top hotel pick in Oaxaca

Hotel Materia
We recommend staying at Hotel Materia, a terracotta-pink boutique hotel that feels like a home away from home. It's thoughtfully designed and a great value. We stayed in the Humo room, which has a private terrace you can eat breakfast on each morning.

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