7 Best Cafes in Berlin for a Quirky Berliner Brunch

7 Best Cafes in Berlin for a Quirky Berliner Brunch

After a night out in Berlin, there is no better way to start your day than to have a satisfying brunch. Breakfast or brunch in Berlin is typically hearty and healthy and will get you back into the swing of things. We list the 7 best cafes in Berlin that have a quirky vibe, friendly service and delicious food.

Best Brunch in Berlin

7 Best Cafes in Berlin

1. O.A.K. Cafe - best for power bowls

Sweet Potato Bowl at O.A.K. Cafe Berlin

O.A.K is a cozy yet modern space tucked away on a side street in Neukölln. It is run by inviting Italians and the food is fresh and flavourful. The sweet potato bowl was our favourite. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and laptop friendly space on many occasions.

O.A.K Cafe address: Weichselstraße 66, 12043

2. Two Planets - best for vegetarian and "dope toasts"

Avo Toast and Berlin Bruschetta at Two Planets Berlin

Two Planets is a friendly vegetarian cafe with great value coffee, granola bowls, smoothies, and our favourite, "dope toasts". Punk music filled the air as we savoured our Avo Toast, Berlin Bruschetta and smoothies. Ask the baristas for punk bar and show recommendations in the area!

Two Planets address: Hermannstraße 230, 12053

3. Roamers - best for a cool vibe

Sunny Side Up Eggs & Hummus at Roamers Berlin

Roamers is a fan favourite in the Neukölln area and there is no doubt the secret is out. Expect to wait in line especially if you go on weekends. The cafe has a Joshua Tree Californian vibe going on and plays 70s American style music with food to match. The menu is filled with mouth-watering delights such as breakfast skillets, egg platters, toasts and salads. Their presentation is like a work of art... that doesn't last long.

Roamers address: Pannierstrasse 64, 12043

4. Greens - best for a relaxed ambience

Greens Berlin

Greens is a spacious cafe with a wooden and planted interior. The friendly and welcoming cafe is newer to the scene and opened in January 2018. The name, Greens, comes from each plate having a green component to it. Our breakfast was fresh and hearty. We loved the loft in the back room where you can chill on bean bags and read.

Greens address: Weserstr. 44, 12045

5. Katie's Blue Cat - best for homemade baked goods

Great Coffee & Baked Goods at Katie's Blue Cat Berlin

We heard about Katie's Blue Cat and their coffee from our local airbnb host. The cafe is known for their homemade baked goods such as shortbread, scones, pies and bagels. We planned to have breakfast elsewhere but when we noticed a basket of fresh bagels and looked at the menu, our plans changed right there. Smoked salmon and loaded avocado didn't disappoint! The home roasted coffee serves up nicely on the side.

Katie's Blue Cat address: Friedelstraße 31, 12047

6. Cafe Pförtner - best unusual cafe in Berlin

Eat in a 70s converted city bus at Cafe Pfortner Berlin

Café Pförtner is located near the Panke canal of the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Wedding and is one of the most unusual cafes in Berlin. It's a bit father out from the centre, but worth it to see the '70s bus converted into an Italian inspired eatery. The cafe sits at the entry of the former bus repair station, now mainly filled with artist studios.

Cafe Pförtner address: Uferstraße 8-11, 13357

7. Cafe Katulki - best for an eclectic interior

Big portions and great smoked salmon at Cafe Katulki Berlin

Pull up to Cafe Katulki to enjoy fresh teas and a healthy breakfast. The Polish/Italian owned spot has a large patio as well as an eclectic interior. Lots of veggie options to choose from including perogies for me. A classic Berlin brunch for Ari - scrambled eggs with mushrooms, toast and salad and an extra order of smoked salmon.

Cafe Katulki address: Friedelstraße 40, 12047

We hope these cool cafes in Berlin are the perfect kickstart to your day!

See what Berlin was like in our vlog:

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