What to Do in Tbilisi at Night - Best Nightlife Spots

What to Do in Tbilisi at Night - Best Nightlife Spots

Tbilisi is one of the best cities in the world for nightlife. I couldn't believe how easy it was to stay up until 4 AM - 8 AM every night dancing at techno clubs, hanging out with locals at creative spaces and chatting with friendly servers at wine and cocktail bars.

Tbilisi has been compared to Berlin and Amsterdam for its alternative nightlife scene, edgy crowd and dance music culture. But, Tbilisi stands out on its own with its unique emphasis on creativity and freedom of expression.

Many of these nightlife venues are also in remarkable buildings, from nightclubs underneath a soccer stadium to creative spaces in former Soviet factories.

From local hangouts and alternative nightclubs to the best wine and cocktail bars, we cover what to do in Tbilisi at night.

Best nightlife in Tbilisi, Georgia

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What to do in Tbilisi at Night

Best Bars in Tbilisi


Tbilisi has so many cool bars to check out. Whether you're looking to drink handcrafted cocktails, dive into Georgia's wine scene, or hang out with locals at fun, creative spaces, we have got you covered.

Best cocktail bars in Tbilisi

41° - best for handcrafted cocktails

41° is hands down one of the best cocktail bars we've ever been to, and we wouldn't be surprised if it makes it onto the World's 50 Best Bars list. Their cocktails, listed in a handwritten book, each come with a meaningful story rooted in Georgian culture.

The staff was very friendly and engaging. Initially planning to have just one drink, we ended up ordering two because of the great conversation and inventive, delicious concoctions.

L'ADO by Valiko Mansion - best for decor

This high-end cocktail bar feels like a surreal gothic mansion. With its moody red lighting, energetic electronic music and eccentric artwork scattered across the rooms, it certainly has a wild side. The bar draws in affluent locals and an international crowd, since its cocktails are on the pricey side. The bar is open daily, though weekends are when it's busier with DJs.

Best wine bars in Tbilisi

Tsitska Wine Shop

Did you know that the oldest known wine-making technique originated in Georgia over 8000 years ago? To this day, winemakers still ferment grapes in earthenware vessels called a Qvevri.

Three types of Georgian wines you should try are Kisi (an amber wine), Tsitska (a white wine) and Saperavi (a red).

Wine bars are a fun way to discover different types of Georgian wines. Each wine bar has its own personality, decor and style of serving. Some offer tastings with enthusiastic explanations, while some just casually pour with their featured bottles of the day.

Our top wine bar picks in Tbilisi

8000 Vintages - best for thorough wine tastings. book your tasting in advance which includes a qualified sommelier and 4 tastings of wine.

ღvino Underground - best for inexpensive wine tastings with generous pours. Choose 4 wines from their list for 30 Lari (~$11 USD)

Dadi Wine - best for tastings with food pairings in a sophisticated atmosphere. You choose from a red, white or amber wine tasting.

Tsitska Wine Shop - best for drinking wine in a chill atmosphere - try a glass from their featured bottles of the day and either stand or sit at their communal table. When we visited, 90s hip hop blasted from the Marshall speaker.

Local hot spots

Hang out with locals at these happening spots that foster a creative environment:

Fabrika - best for the vibrant courtyard

Fabrika is a remarkable creative hub that attracts both locals and travellers. Once a Soviet sewing factory, it has been transformed into a hostel, meeting place, bar, and restaurant, showcasing efforts to preserve the city's architectural heritage.

At night, it transforms into an industrial disco with upbeat music, cocktails, and a lively atmosphere, complete with a disco ball.

The large courtyard in the back is the most vibrant space, with restaurants, bars and artisan shops dotting the perimeter. In summer it gets especially lively.

Mozaika - best for a chill atmosphere

This laidback, alternative bar has quirky features like sequin curtains and eccentric artwork. The two small levels feel intimate. Enjoy a glass of their house wine while mingling with a local crowd. During our visit, the bar played indie rock music, adding to the casual vibe.

Dedeana Bar - best for live music

Located in Dedaena Park, this bar hosts weekly events ranging from jazz and hip hop nights to jam sessions. The lively atmosphere adds to the experience and we particularly liked that they offered cocktails, not just standard rail drinks.

Space One Left Bank - best for a creative space

Located in a former bread factory, Space One is Left Bank's newest space featuring a bar, cafe, record store, and bookshop. The building is a sight to see in itself with its high brick ceilings and curved column. We enjoyed drinking Mai Tai cocktails at one of the tables and listening to the ambient music. Their events vary, so check their Instagram for updates.

Lolita - best for a trendy atmosphere

Located in a Gothic building, Lolita is a trendy restaurant and bar with an open-kitchen concept and large courtyard. It has a fun and lively atmosphere throughout the day and night.

Their cocktail menu is diverse and full of fresh ingredients. We enjoyed hanging out at the communal picnic tables drinking melon mule cocktails. For those craving international fare, Lolita offers a welcome change with options like pizza.

Ciskari Cafe - best for summer parties outside

Ciskari is a hidden gem nestled on the west side of Turtle Lake. Enjoy the nature and fresh air inside the greenhouse or outdoor patio. During summer months, Ciskari often hosts outdoor dance parties on Saturdays.

Best Nightclubs in Tbilisi

Doors to Bassiani

Tbilisi has one of the best electronic music scenes in the world, comparable to raves from the 1990s, representing change and freedom of expression.

On May 12, 2018, the globally renowned Bassiani nightclub was thrust into the spotlight as a political battleground between the city's progressive youth and old conservatives. SWAT police raided the club, making arrests, but the next day, Liberty Square was flooded with thousands of protestors defiantly dancing in the streets.

Visiting one of Tbilisi's iconic nightclubs offers a unique cultural experience, reflecting the community's deep appreciation for inclusivity and a non-judgmental atmosphere. While the strict "face control" policy may seem contradictory, it serves to safeguard this environment and people's freedom of expression within the club's walls.

Tbilisi's nightlife scene offers a diverse array of genres, including techno, house, electro and disco, attracting a vibrant community of people who love music and to dance.

Left Bank nightclub

Best Tbilisi nightclubs for music and dancing


Bassiani is Tbilisi's most renowned club, compared to the likes of Berghain in Berlin. Located underneath a historic soccer stadium, the room is grand with hard techno pounding through a top-of-the-line sound system. Bassiani is typically open on Friday nights and they close for summer break in July/August. Don't miss the captivating view of the stadium from the outdoor seating area.

✔️ Top Tip: register on Bassiani's website in advance with your Facebook or Instagram account to become a member so you can buy your ticket online.


Horoom is a smaller space located in the same complex as Bassiani. Horoom is to Bassiani what Panorama Bar is to Berghain. While Bassiani holds its own allure, I usually end up in Horoom dancing to its upbeat house-oriented music. Horoom is typically open on Fridays and Saturdays.


We had a blast at TES and found it to be the best nightclub to meet locals. There was ample room to dance and we had a great time making friends in the big outdoor garden. The space is unique since it used to be a thermal electro station. They play electro, techno, and house music here.

Cafe Gallery

During the day, Cafe Gallery is an art cafe, but at night, it transforms into a lively dance venue. We loved the intimate dance floor. Cafe Gallery is one of the few nightclubs that hosts weekly events.

Left Bank

Leftbank is a community space located next door to TES. We were most impressed by this building, which was once a bread factory. Fridays and Saturdays are when Left Bank hosts its club nights in Space Two. They feature mostly Tbilisi-based DJs.


We didn't get the chance to visit, but after making friends with locals this seemed to be the hot spot of the moment. Located near Bassiani, it's housed in a 1950s building overlooking the Kura River, and it mainly plays house and techno music.

✔️ Top Tip: See what events are on for each club by checking Resident Advisor. Look up the DJs that are playing on Soundcloud and see what style of music resonates with you.

We hope you enjoyed these bars, social spaces and nightclubs in Tbilisi!

Bonus: our top design hotel picks in Tbilisi


These stays are located in the historic Marjanishvili and Vera neighbourhoods, which both have a good local vibe and some of the city's coolest spots.

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