2 Day Matera Itinerary - Italy's Ancient Hidden Gem

2 Day Matera Itinerary - Italy's Ancient Hidden Gem

If you're looking for a rich historic escape, look no further than Matera, a 9,000 year old city and hidden gem in Southern Italy. The captivating architecture, narrow streets and network of ancient caves reveal how life once was. In 2019, Matera was selected as the European Capital of Culture by the European Union.

We recommend a full 2 days in Matera to get the most out of the city. See where to stay and the top things to do in our 2 Day Matera Itinerary.

Sassi Di Matera

2 Days in Matera

Where to stay in Matera

View of the old city from our Airbnb in Matera

Sassi Di Matera is the historic part Matera, known for its network of ancient cave houses. The best experience is staying in an Airbnb in one of these cave dwellings. You can find beautiful Airbnbs under $75 USD a night, making it a budget-friendly destination.

The Airbnb we stayed in was one of the best airbnb experiences we've ever had, especially since they had adorable cuddly cats. Outside of our apartment we had a marvellous view of the old city. As we sat on the patio and enjoyed our espresso our favourite cat of the three, Rufus, would always be there for some head scratches.

2 Day Matera Itinerary

Day 1: Get lost in the ancient city streets

Walking the tiny streets of Sassi Di Matera

Explore the medieval streets of Sassi di Matera

Matera is the third-oldest continually lived in city in the world. It has been inhabited for over 9,000 years! It has also been the setting for famous Hollywood movies, such as Ben-Hur (2016) and the Passion of the Christ.

Walk through the tiny streets of the old city and marvel at the ancient stone buildings. Don't plan too much today and see where the winding streets take you. Pop into cute cafes or restaurants along the way. If you're unsure about a restaurant, use TripAdvisor as a handy guide to look up ratings as you go.

Finish your day off at Monkey Drink house

Monkey Drink House

Grab a mojito at Monkey Drink House and sit outside on their pillow seats. It is a great spot for people watching.

Day 2: Explore outside of the old city & unwind in your cave dwelling

Palaeolithic caves in Matera

Hike to Palaeolithic caves

Across the La Gravina ravine you will find natural Palaeolithic caves. On this side of the ravine, you can get incredible panoramic views of the Sassi from Belvedere di Murgia Timone. It was the location used for the crucification scene in The Passion of the Christ.  

Make a romantic dinner back at your Airbnb

Sunset over Matera

After another day of exploring, walk to a local grocer nearby and buy fresh ingredients to make an Italian dinner back in your Airbnb cave dwelling. Try to get an Airbnb with a view. It's magical unwinding on your patio with incredible views surrounding you.

Enjoy this fascinating cave city!

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